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EPOS – Electronic Point of Sale - a suite of solutions that facilitate ordering, payment, and venue management.

What is EPOS?

EPOS – Electronic Point of Sale - is an umbrella term for a suite of solutions that facilitate ordering, payment, and venue management. The main fixtures are EPOS terminals (sometimes also known as cash registers or tills) that feature integrated payment options and ordering solutions. 

EPOS systems simplify the customer experience

Predominantly used within the retail and hospitality industries, EPOS systems simplify the customer experience, and make life easier for staff. Rather than having staff devote their time to stock checks, the stock countdown feature on Sharp POS terminals does it all for you by eliminating potential ordering mistakes e.g. managing portion sizes and allowing staff to focus on selling less-popular dishes.

In both the hospitality and retail sectors, a typical till system features an end-to-end approach, incorporating various individual commercial solutions that work together, with the EPOS terminal serving as a centralised ‘command centre’. 

 Sharp PC Based EPOS Terminal RZ-E402

Decades of EPOS innovation

At Sharp, we’re always ahead of the curve and developing new solutions to keep your business in step with technological trends. We have decades of experience in the EPOS marketplace, ensuring quality and technical prowess throughout the buying and implementation period.

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Global network of EPOS resellers

We take great pride in building strong relationships with our partners. We work alongside a global network of EPOS resellers. Our customer-centric approach features industry-leading solutions with the backing of a global company, that retains a local appeal.

We understand that no two businesses are the same. We work closely with our EPOS partners to help them find an EPOS System that meets each and every commercial requirement.

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